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Paint.NET v3.5.11 DownloadPaint.NET v3.5.11



Rating 5.0/5.0

5.0 Stars

11695 votes

Virus Free

OS Support: Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP. All 32/64-bit.

Paint.NET is free image and photo editing software for PCs that run Windows. It features an intuitive and innovative user interface with support for layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools. An active and growing online community provides friendly help, tutorials, and plugins. It started development as an undergraduate college senior design project mentored by Microsoft, and is currently being maintained by some of the alumni that originally worked on it. Originally intended as a free replacement for the Microsoft Paint software that comes with Windows, it has grown into a powerful yet simple image and photo editor tool. Dofreedownload.

Specification & Requirements

  • Last Update:
  • Dowload size: 3.5 Mb
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Photos & Images Software
  • Developer:
  • Browser requirements: None
  • Software requirements: Framework .NET 3.5 SP1
  • Hardware requirements: None

User Reviews

  • ninobravo
    5 Stars

  • The best software to edit my images.

  • Bugalon
    5 Stars

  • I have used for over 5 years on different computers. Program itself is great.

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